I am in the process of redesigning LazyMuttGames.com to bring it up to date with current technologies. I also want to give it a new look and feel, and better graphics. I expect this to take a few weeks to mock-up the pages, and create the graphics files I will need to create the pages.

I also wanted to create a download tracking tool to track who is downloading the games on the site, ad a few online games to the site, and work on some SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

I plan on using PaintShop Pro X7 to create the graphics I need.  Since Adobe decided to charge a monthly fee for their “Cloud” application ($19.99/mo), I decided to use something that is not as costly and doesn’t have a monthly charge.  I already have PhotoShop CS3 which works just fine as far as I am concerned, but wanted to try another vendor.  Another thing about the Adobe products is they really are resource hogs.  Nothing like having an i7 laptop with 8 gig of memory come to a stop while loading Photoshop.  Or have it stop responding while it sync’s with the Cloud.  I mean really people…

Hope to have something up soon, so stay tuned.



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Welcome to charlesnutting.net

I'm going to be up front here about charlesnutting.net, this site is in no way connected to me selling a book I wrote, plastering the pages with ads to click on, or in no way making me any money.

The whole purpose of this site is to show people things I love to do, display my photography skills (or lack of), and experiment with new web technologies.

It’s also a place for me to jump on my soapbox and rant about the way the programming world is changing. In my Blog there are programming tips on coding JavaScript, and soon other langauges.