I started collecting Ford Mustang Hot Wheels® in 2005 since I am a big fan of the car, and a proud owner. Then I found a few Johnny Lightning’s that looked cool, so I bought them. Now every time we are out I check out the toy section of the store we are at for any new versions of Ford Mustangs.

After a few years I found I needed a place to store the cars so they would stay free from dust. I found a company on the internet that sold Hot Wheels display cases. I bought 2 wall mounted cases for displaying the cars, and mounted them in my office.

The gallery below displays all the cars I currently have, which includes Hot Wheels, Johnny Lightning, Maisto, Jada Toys, Greenlight, Castline, Badd Ride, Matchbox, and Shelby Collectables.



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Welcome to charlesnutting.net

I'm going to be up front here about charlesnutting.net, this site is in no way connected to me selling a book I wrote, plastering the pages with ads to click on, or in no way making me any money.

The whole purpose of this site is to show people things I love to do, display my photography skills (or lack of), and experiment with new web technologies.

It’s also a place for me to jump on my soapbox and rant about the way the programming world is changing. In my Blog there are programming tips on coding JavaScript, and soon other langauges.