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My 2017 New Years Resolution

It have been a long year and many things have happened to me and the family.  For some reason this site seems to be the last thing to work on.  This year I plan on adding more articles for everyone, and upgrading the site some.

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Set The Maximum Width Or Height Of A Set Of Elements

Have you ever seen a site where there are boxes in a row or column that all have differnet heights or widths? I know I have, and it really looks like the developer didn't take the time to align them corectly. In this article we are going to build two functions that we can use on any set of HTML elements on your page and set their width or height to the largest element.

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Adding and Removing Classes from DOM Elements

In this article we will create a class handler that will add and remove classes from HTML elements. What this will do is enable you to create an “ON” and “OFF” style for any element in your HTML document. Then you can use a “click”, “focus”, or any other event to add/remove/toggle a class on an element or elements. For example, you have a series of boxes with images. Some of the images have cars, and some have planes. Above the images you could have buttons to select the type of images shown. With JavaScript you can add or remove a class to hide or show the groups of images.

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Change a Text Field to a SEO Friendly URL

Recently I needed to create a SEO safe URL string for an ASP.Net Blog application I was coding. I wanted the title field of the form to be transformed into a SEO friendly URL, then copy that string to another field for storing the SEO friendly string.

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Use JavaScript to Attach Events In Older Browsers

This article is about a case where I needed to attach a “click” event to an anchor tag using JavaScript, and have it work with IE8 and up. The only reason for this is 30% of our users still use IE8. That is a large amount of users to just forget about. So I came up with an event handler that checks for the old IE “attachEvent” and “detachEvent”.

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