A few years back I got a N scale train for Christmas, and had to come up with a layout for it. I will add more details to the images later, but wanted you to see how it is coming along.

Finally added the text details to the images, and added a few more images of my progress.

Details and Images

Click an image to see the larger version of the image.

This is a picture of the table I used as a base for the frame. This picture shows the assembled frame on the table. Here I show the fold down legs on the frame. The picture shows the side frame for mounting the background artwork. Here is a picture of the fold down leg. Another shot of the side frame. Here is a shot of the corner detail with the side and back frames. n all inner cross members a put a notch for the wiring to pass through. Another shot of the corner detail. This picture shows the controls base. Here I show the poster board mounted to the frame. Here the track is mounted to the poster board with 3/8 inch brads. Here we have a batch of evergreen trees I made. Bought these trees pre-made. Every city needs a church, so went out and bought this little gem. This building was a kit I bought. Saw this truck depot and had to have it in the city. This is my first attempt at making mountains. This is the other side of the mountain area.



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