You Are My Sanity

I am late for work, and there is no time for us.
She kisses me goodbye, and wishes me well, she saids "I love you".
I look into her eyes and see love, and Tell her the same.
And I know she loves me.

Driving to work, going from one place to another,
Cut off on the highway, tailgated, and forced off the road,
Roadwork on the highway, and makes me late for work.
She is with me in my mind.

Work is full of problems to solve, and things to do,
People to talk to, places to be,
Meetings, tasks, solutions.
I still have her in my mind.

Layed off from my job, and told I am not required,
Pushed aside for no reason, or just not needed.
Left without a job and no chance for hope.
Her face is in my mind and everything is better.

I am on my way home to be by her side.
Remembering the night before, with her by my side.
Feeling her warmth near me, and her soft touch.
Her warmth is still with me.

As I turn into the drive she is waiting for me.
She can see my troubled face, I tell her of my day.
She points at the sunset and tells me to look.
"Its just another day and the sun will rise again"

Tomorrow is another day, and all will be different.
I look into her eyes and see a warmth I left that morning,
And I know that all will be better.
For I love her and she loves me and thats all that matters.