As I walk through this path called life.
I see the mistakes that have come and gone.
The things I should have said and done, but never did.
There is only one person to can blame for my misgivings.

I look at the clock on the wall, I see time pass.
The calendar near me, I see the days go by.
What have I done with my life I think to myself.
I have learned, loved, and lost, and have nothing to show.

I am just a grain of sand in the ocean we call life.
Done nothing to make my voice heard, or my words to be seen.
Created nothing but paper, which will just burn in a fire.
How could I have been such a fool to think I had the time.

To think life has everything to give, and the time to complete it.
Knowing you have the time to do just one more thing,
Its just interesting to know what time we really do have.
Such a fool we are, to think that.