The Meaning Of Love

If only you could see a power of life that no one can see.
And see it with true meaning as it was meant to be.
And to know this power that life can bring.
And see that no one seems to see how powerful it can be.

A feeling so powerful it could tear lives apart.
A feeling so strong that the heart is torn apart.
And without any meaning it pulls you aside.
And shows you your mistakes that you left beside.

But knowing its truth you can only be shown the way.
Not knowing how to control it can bring you much pain.
But knowing its power you have much to gain.
And with that power you have love to gain.

No one can understand the power of its meaning.
The feeling from the heart the power of its truth.
They only stand in waiting to be part of its fruit.
And never learn the meaning and the taste of its truth.

If you wish to be part you only need to submit.
And it will fill your heart with a truth you can commit.
This thing I speak of can never be taught.
It can only be learned from a life with a heart.

But to have this feeling will show you the way.
And show you the feeling that I try not to betray.
This feeling I speak of I can not show you.
It's the feeling of love, that no one but love can show you.