My Eyes Open

I opened my eyes and there was an angel.
Laying beside me in my bed.
Her face looked like a rose just in bloom.
The glow from her soul just made my heart sing.

How could I have been so lucky to have her with me?
What did I do to make her want to be with me?
Where I have been before is now forgotten.
The pain in my past is now just a leaf in the wind.

Anything that was is now forgotten.
And a new life in my heart has grown.
A life that has long wanted to get out.
To be open to the world and share its fruit.

How long I have waited to feel what I do now.
To feel the warmth that love brings.
To see how love can take over my life.
How long I have waited for this feeling.

Is it just a dream or is it real?
I touch her soft face.
I feel her next to me.
It must be real for she now lays here before me.

I now know that there is beauty in this world.
For she now is in my life.
With a heart worth more than anything on earth.
A soul that I only want to be a part of.

Why have I had to go through this pain?
To be used by others and thrown aside.
But now I can see what real beauty is.
And I now know she is here with me.