Love Again

No one can tell you the feelings in my heart.
The feeling of warmth when you are by my side.
The soft-spoken words that flow from your lips.
The touch of your soft hands as they touch my cheek.
The look from your eyes as they meet mine.

How could I have been such a fool?
To misjudge your feelings for me.
To give you such pain without a cause.
To make your life so empty and be in a void.
To be nothing less then a word without a meaning.

I will show you love and I will show you my pain.
A pain that last forever without you by my side.
A void that now fills my heart without you in it.
A loss of inspiration without you to inspire it.
A feeling of dishonor for I have not met my promise.

And to be a true knight with the honor of love.
I will be your best friend and show it with love.
I know of the past and it will show me the way.
I can understand its meaning, as it's light guides my way.
I just wish you could see what you mean to me today.

I will be with you forever.
I love you more every day.