I am lost, I am found, but still nowhere.
I feel the love but it still is not in my grasp.
How do I find this thing that should be so easy to find.
What makes this one feeling so hard to find?

Its so close that I can touch it,
but it is still to far from my grasp
What makes this feeling so hard to become one with.
How can it be always just out of my reach?

When I touch it, it moves farther from my reach.
I see it and then it becomes something else.
Is there some other way to become one with it?
I only hope that it can be.

I see it pass by me every day.
its just within reach, but I am just one step behind.
When I think I have it, something is there to take it away,
And sends me back to nothing

To take it and then it is taken.
Feel it and my body becomes numb.
Sense it and I can see nothing.
What makes it so hard to control?

You can not harness this feeling.
You cannot take it for your own.
You can only let it happen.
If you try to control it it will leave you with nothing.