As people look to the morning sun and see its glow.
They see the sunrise in the eastern sky and see the beauty.
But I am reminded of a child who is in my heart.
A part of my heart that will always be there truly.

I see a small child for which I have helped make.
A child born with beauty from which the morning I think was made.
She glowed like the sun from within my heart as I saw her.
A child of love that no one can take from my heart.

As she grows into a lady I see her light grow.
It overshines the sun and makes the daylight dull.
She makes my heart melt from within and out.
And her eyes show me she is my daughter throughout.

I only wish she could see within my heart.
To see what she has made me with her powerful heart.
From the day she was born the sunrise has never set.
For I have my Dawn in my heart and my sun will never set.