My Dream

I had a dream last night.
A dream that was full of pain, anger, and hate.
My mind could not handle the evil that had filled it.
Then I saw your face.

The evil was pulling from all sides.
Trying to pull me down, to a place of darkness.
I was not strong enough to resist.
Then your hands grasp mine.

The words from the evil were so many.
So loud I could not hear.
They filled my head with sounds of distrust.
Then your voice filled my ears.

I was falling into the darkness.
Becoming a part of the dark.
My soul was becoming a part of the void.
Then your soul touched me.

Then I could see the darkness fade.
My ears could only hear your voice.
The evil could not touch me anymore.
I could only see the love I have for you.

You saved me and I was free again.