After a 32 year love affair with Microsoft and its products I have decided it was time to break-up. It was a real roller coaster ride for a long time, but after this last "version" of Windows I have to draw the line. I just can't get past the feeling that someone is always watching me as I use Windows 10, or that the information I enter into the system is being transmitted to some Cloud database to be used by some 3rd party or to send me ads.

I mean really Microsoft! After all these years you decide you need to track me, watch my computing activities? What did I do to bring this on? I have always been faithful to you, always buying your product upgrades as you asked, and spreading the Microsoft word. When did our friendship start going wrong?

Was it DOS? I know this was when we first met, and it was a rocky road for a while, but we got through it.

Was it Windows 95? Again it was pretty rough there, but I had high hopes that we would have a bright future.

Was it Windows 98? Things started getting better, but I needed to re-install the system every 6 months or it would implode on itself.

Was it Windows 2000? Nope, we had a great time then, and things were really smooth.

Was it Windows ME? Sorry we don't talk about that one.

Was it Windows XP? Nope, again another great time and many productive days. Not to mention the many games we could play.

Was it Windows Vista? Let's not go there, again we don't talk about that one either.

Was it Windows 7? Started really bad, but it really turned out alright.

Was it Windows 8? Could be. You stopped listening to me then, doing what you thought was right for me. Telling me it will make things better, just try it out. But I didn't, just couldn't talk myself into using it.

Was it Windows 8.1? You knew you were wrong with Windows 8, and thought this one would make it right. No it still wasn't right.

Then you decided for me that Windows 10 was what I wanted. You really had your own goals in mind here. You say it is free, but in the background you just wanted to control me, you wanted to watch me, and use me. It was all about getting me hooked, then change the rules in your favor. The fact is, Windows 10 could be worse than Vista. I mean it locks up at random, sometimes it boots up with a new account because it can't find my login or something. The interface is too hard on the eyes to use, and the whole "Flat" design I just can't buy into it. Windows without frames makes to way too hard to grab the window to expand it. And selecting things is total crap anymore.

After all these years of being faithful, you really never cared. It was just lip service wasn't it? This weekend, I decided to break-up with you Microsoft. It's time I start a new life without you. I will have a life of computer freedom, of secured computing, and privacy. Now I will upgrade when I am ready, and when I want to. And to top it off, it will be free!

Good bye Microsoft..



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